Get your vehicles moving efficiently

Depending on the vehicles and regions you operate in, we will design a plan that ensures your fleet’s earning potential is maximized.

We believe the best solution involves solving the problems of our real heroes – the truck drivers. We strive to provide solutions focusing on maximum utilization, return loads and reduced idle time. From one-time load options to dedicated projects, we keep your vehicles packed and on the move.

The benefits are apparent:
Smart alerts: Track assets, expenses and revenue
Route planning, multi-trips possibility and load discovery: Increase trip efficiency and decrease driver fatigue
Streamlined payment system: Spot payment of 70% as trip advance. Receive remaining 30% after trip completion.
Hassle free best deals: Tie-ups with OEMs and vehicle finance companies to handle fuel, insurance and tolls.
Analyse the utilization of your vehicles, track revenue and get other key metrics
Asset documentation management to reduce manual efforts
Decreased wait time at locations
Dedicated call centre
Data driven smart logistics
Use our in-house technology to track your vehicles, expenses and revenue. This will help you drive transparency and accountability.
Improved asset utilization
Get live information on trip requirements. Increase the loads available for your trucks, and avail of round-trip opportunities wherever available. Our route optimization software helps you reduce idle time on your assets.
Better finances
Get paid on time, every time, with a streamlined payment system. Receive a steady supply of work orders with sufficient advances to cover your working capital.
Leave the hassles of fuel, insurance and tolls in our hands. We have tied up with OEM’s and vehicle finance companies to get you the best deals.