We are a cloud-agnostic technology company and are passionate about AI and ML. Our philosophy is to build the infrastructure for tomorrow, but to build features for today.

Keeping in mind that only the best would do, we even built our own agile and scalable platform called TRUCE. It runs on AI and Internet of Things (IoT), integrating smart sensors, business portal and predictive analytics. The IOT sensor enabled modules can be easily added or configured, making it possible to customize a transport plan for everyone.

Our solutions are based on predictive maintenance and automation, ensuring maximum benefits for both fleet owners and load owners.

What we offer:

Real-time Tracking
Track vehicle location with automated alerts based on SLA / Geo-Fence criteria.
Reports on your Smartphone
Analyse the utilization of your vehicles, track revenue and get other key metrics
Dashboards & Notifications
Track your cargo real-time. Analyse logistics operations and gain actionable insights.
Load Matching
Eliminate wait time and the need to search for return loads! Our load matching engine automatically connects fleet owners to customers.

We are a team of software engineers - NOT web developers.

We take pride in building robust, scalable systems that have been architected using first principles. List of technologies to follow

Cloud Infrastructure