Why work in the trucking industry

Trucking isn’t a new and upcoming industry, but the space is disorganized and driving change is hard! Loosely strung, imitative solutions won’t bring results in such environments. We need disruptive logistics, that calls for smartness and humility. It’s a place where innovators and trailblazers thrive, and it is the very thing that fascinates and keeps us going every day!

We spent the better part of the last two years testing hypotheses, deploying multiple solutions, building our technology and servicing clients. And we believe we are on to something! We believe we have a model that blends the best of old and new. We want to see how big we can get.

If you’re eager to solve real business problems and make a dent in the logistics industry, join us on our journey!

We are looking for someone who is:
You take charge of the business and gives it your all. You take initiative to boldly pitch innovative, logic-driven ideas, and drive them to completion.
You don't limit yourself to a job description. You like wearing multiple hats and understand a problem from different perspectives. You work with different stakeholders and chip away at problems from different angles. You produce results that drive the company forward.
Given our code to deployment speed, most operations at TransIn are always changing (for the better). You are comfortable with ambiguity and quick to course-correct when things don’t go per plan.
what's in it for you?
You get to solve real-world problems in an industry that hasn’t changed in decades. You work with subject matter experts who are building a company from ground-up, in an industry worth $100 billion and poised to grow exponentially in the near future.

We offer exactly three things

Great Pay

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To make a real difference with your work

Endless opportunities to learn

You don’t need to be a know-it-all – our two-months long, intensive training is designed for people with a solid foundation in the basics, who can learn new things quickly. You will have easy access to mentors and subject matter experts within the team.

Get in touch with your information at info@transin.in