Our story

TransIn started as a trading company in 2015. It was not until the problem of logistics arrived at our doorstep, that we saw the challenges and potential in the Indian truck industry. In a very short span of time, TransIn had evolved into a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

With a humble beginning of 10 trucks a day, the company grew to moving over 200 shipments a day, with more than 3000 contracted carriers, in the next couple of years. TransIn’s journey to become the largest truck and freight aggregator in India had begun.

We are an asset-light company, committed to revolutionizing the truck industry.

Our team

Ours is a rare team of entrepreneurs, technologists, mathematicians, supply chain ninjas and business leaders. This mix helps us look at challenges from a variety of perspectives and offer solutions as a subject matter expert.

We are growing aggressively with the growing Indian truck industry. Check our open positions now.

Core Team Profiles

Runs sales and operations

A trailblazer who created his own path, Vijay brings operational expertise to TransIn, honed in several years of managing talent, operations and business. Having grown from a sales executive to the director of many companies in his career, he has a thorough working knowledge of various industries like insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate and transportation. He has founded and lead 3 companies, including TransIn, building and stabilizing their teams and processes from scratch. He oversees all of TransIn’s operations and partnerships, and his entrepreneurial vision is instrumental in the company’s growth.

Yogesh Babu Bathina

Builds the product, engineering and analytics

Yogesh is a top-notch technologist with patents and publications in the field of Machine Learning. He brings with him years of R&D experience and has a track record of building prototypes in his previous roles, that went on to become game changers. Realizing the potential of TransIn, he chose this over being the head of a research group at a powerful technology conglomerate. At TransIn, he uses his strong background in analytics and mathematics to solve technology problems in logistics. Under his guidance and leadership, TransIn is forging ahead to revolutionizing the Indian trucking industry.